Client Highlight – Culver City Volvo

If you haven’t heard it yet, reputation management is more important today than ever before. Google has been shifting to a mobile-first position for some time now, and the SERPs for anything auto related is covered with star ratings and review sites. There has been a resistance to facing this issue coming from the idea that “I don’t use Yelp or look up reviews on Facebook, and most of my customers don’t either” which can be true for some markets. However, in today’s automotive market, shoppers see ratings even if they aren’t looking for them.

Cropped Google SERP from April 2018 showing several points of data related to reviews present for a business address query.

Here at Pacific Coast Advertising, we utilize proprietary software that is partnered with Yelp and Google Reviews to monitor, respond, and report on your reputation online. We take it a step further than most bib box solutions, and that effort is recognized when you review the response and engagement we achieve. Outbound surveys and community involvement are other tools we use to help drive a positive reputation online outside of the 5-star format. We tie this all together with a unified report, and a centralized “Best of” page that ranks on page one for your brand’s relevant terms.

Our work with a Volvo client recently earned them national recognition amongst other Volvo dealers in a national reputation monitoring course provided by Volvo Cars USA’s corporate marketing department. Contact us today to learn how we can help make your digital presence a welcoming one.


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